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Ankle Biter - An Australian Magic Creature by Ian CoateNAME: Ankle Biter

Ankle Biters are masters of camouflage.  They are so clever at hiding it is only recently we became aware of their existence. This Australian species of pixie have long remained undetected due to an uncanny ability to blend with the surroundings.  However, due to the Ankle Biter’s prankish nature we often fall foul to their mischief.  Ankle Biters delight in tripping up big people, (that’s us).  When we walk by an Ankle Biter, they may flick up a stick, pull up a root, push out a rock or anything that can get tangled in our legs and trip us up.  Their fondest pastime is ‘Big-People-Tripping’.


Drop BearsNAME: Drop Bear

Even though Drop Bears are suppose to be a national secret, it seems everyone knows of their existence. Drop Bears, like their smaller cousins the koalas, are not actually bears - but sadly the bear label has stuck. When they are young, they drop from trees aiming at small targets - like your hat. As they grow in size they drop on larger targets - like your car.
Today, not much is known about the Drop Bear, but if you ask an old soldier, they will tell you all about them. When World War One started, Australia feared it would be invaded and thus worked out a cunning defence plan involving the Drop Bears. Because no one could get by them, they made the Drop Bears Australia’s secret weapon and trained them to squash invading tanks and vehicles - this training continues today.
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Danger Rating


No.1: Which Australian mythocreat is a species of leprechaun and if captured will give you the key to his treasure hoard?

A: A Bushwhacker. B: A Feral-Fairy. C: A Bailup.

No.2: Which bush mythocreat lives in hollow nuts, loves bread crumbs and is named after its spell that makes humans take a short nap?

A: A Wing-ding. B: A Kip. C: A Dingbat.

No.3: What colour is the Australian mythocreat that has the ability to glide through the bush and is ironically named, Bluey?

A: Green. B: Blue. C: Red.


Drop Bear Australian Book Blueys

This book is filled with amazing Bush Mythocreats like: Blueys, Bailups, Drop Bears, Forest Dragons, Kips, Ankle Biters, & Floosies. Plus incredible information that will astound you.


Download & Print "Colour-in"

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Colour-in this cute Australian mythocreat known as a 'Kip'.

This adorable creature lives in nuts and loves bread crumbs. They cast sleep spells on people having picnics so when they take a nap they can safely gather crumbs.

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"Mytho Moment"

Can you grab the Australian dollar coin before the Bailup does?


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