MythoCreatology - Australian Fantasy by Ian Coate

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Mythocreatology Definition
Australia is the world’s oldest land mass. It is the remotest, driest, lowest, flattest and most sparsely populated inhabited continent. Australia also has one of the most diverse and fascinating landscapes of any country on the planet. It has...
Australian Landscapes
This huge land mass has more than a million species of the most unusual plants and animals. Among them are the world’s deadliest snakes, sharks, spiders, crocodiles, jellyfish, ants, octopus, birds and fish.
Australian Animals
However, the list does not end there. Unknown to but a few, Australia is also home to a vast menagerie of strange magical creatures - some so lethal they would make the bravest soldier go white and turn the most terrible dragon to jelly.
Australian mythocreats

Even though this mysterious world has existed for countless years, until recently no Aussie has been able to penetrate it. The person who finally found the key to unlocking Australia’s magical secrets was my father, the world’s first MythoCreatologist. In so doing, he has proven to us all that Australia truly is one of the planet’s most amazing countries.

Australian magic Creatures

During the course of many adventures, my father befriended a magic Willie Wag-Tail named, Tattle. Over many years this little bird told my father of so many amazing creatures and tales around the campfire that he was compelled to write them down to share with others.

Willie WagtailAll the documented mythocreats actually exist,
(except there’s no evidence).
Every tale actually occurred,
(except there’s no proof).
Everything you are about to read is absolutely true,
(except for the stuff that’s made up).

Australian Map Magical by Ian Coate
Bush Scene- Australian Fantasy by Ian Coate
P.S. There is a hidden Willie Wagtail in every large picture - see if you can spot it. Designed by Ian & Sue Coate (Copyright - Ian Coate)